Project Golden Gate Overview

Introducing Project Golden Gate

We Secure IoT.

Making sure your ‘Golden image stays Golden’.

Project Golden Gate is a revolutionary platform for the next generation of connected smart devices. We take care of the security, management, and other services so that you do not have to – letting you build the greatest solutions your customers are looking for in the market.

Project Golden Gate for RPi3 brings the power of the D4 Secure Platform to the global community of device manufacturers, tinkerers and enthusiasts, allowing you to leverage many of the components from the D4 Secure Platform (VPN, Encryption, etc), while at the same time leveraging existing software stacks with quick and easy migration. The D4 Secure approach to architecture design enables you to evolve from monolithic systems towards a modular architecture comprising multiple D4 Secure Modules and third-party existing software stacks, all on your existing hardware platforms with pre-plumbed connections.













Our solution hardens your OS, from the outside. Locking down the storage, network, and kernel to proactively prevent known attacks to your device.

Project Golden Gate is a long term endeavor that has a long road map of features and micro services.  Some of those roadmap items may include device and fleet management services and application independent services which solve tracking and firmware updates for your different classes of deployed devices.   Additionally, we are actively seeking your input to help us identify and prioritize what you would like to see in our subsequent releases.

Some of main features of Project Golden Gate projects are –

  • Kernel – Hardens your OS which reduces your attack surface.
  • Network – Mandatory VPN for egress to outside network
  • Data – Bring data-at-rest (memory protection) and data-in-transit (network) protection to the platform.
  • Micro Services
    • Remote firmware over the air capabilities gives you unparalleled control over devices.
    • Allow you keep devices patched and even allow you to replace the whole software install.
    • Remote unbrick, FOTA & Device Management (CMS) – User Only

All this combined means you can run your IoT applications and devices with peace of mind.

Project Golden Gate is designed around following two concepts –

Proactive Protection

Micro Services